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Syntrio CPNI

Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”) refers to your telephone service, including the charges on your bill; the services you subscribe to; and your usage data and calling patterns. In short, it is your private information about your communication services. Under federal law, You have the right, and Syntrio Solutions, LLC (“Syntrio”) has the duty to protect the confidentiality of information about Your telecommunications services.

Without further authorization from You, Syntrio is allowed to use Your information about services You have already purchased from Syntrio to create products, services, and discounts to meet Your needs or to advise You of products that may be of interest to you.

If You wish to restrict Syntrio from using or disclosing Your Information, You may contact our office at (888) 886-2217 or write to us at PO Box 2128, Vernon, Texas 76385, at any time. If we do not receive notification from You within thirty (30) days of receiving this notice, we may use Your information to offer You products and services that You may find valuable based on Your existing services. You may change Your decision at any time, and there is no charge to You for electing to restrict Your information. Restricting Your information will not affect the services you currently receive from Syntrio.

Even if You choose to restrict Syntrio’s use of Your information, You may receive marketing information developed without using Your confidential information, and we may use Your information to market services to You if You call us. Your election is valid until You affirmatively revoke or limit it. You are free to contact us at any time about our products and services.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has mandated new CPNI ‘must comply’ rules for all telecommunications companies. The rules are designed to safeguard your information from anyone who is not authorized to have access to your account. The rules were effective December 8, 2007.

To comply with these rules, there are four security measures that Syntrio has implemented to ensure your information is safeguarded from unauthorized access.

  1. Each time you call Syntrio to speak with a customer service representative regarding your account, we will be required to ask a verification question, and you will be required to provide an appropriate answer to the question to ensure we are speaking with an authorized contact on your account.
  2. Once authorization has been established, we can discuss information about specific calls that you have made after you provide the date of call, length of call and call destination. If you are unable to provide specific details, we can send a copy of this information to the account address on record.
  3. If you stop by any Syntrio office to make account inquiries, you may be required to show personal photo identification before we can discuss or release any account information.
  4. You may add up to four authorized contacts. In order to protect your information, only these authorized contacts will be allowed to make inquiries or changes to your account. Inquiries or requests from other parties, including those of a spouse, cannot be honored if they are not an authorized contact or listed on the account. If you are uncertain who is an authorized contact on your account, please contact your local office for clarification.

Additional Information for Businesses

Business customers that have a dedicated account representative at Syntrio are exempt from these rules. However, in the instance your account representative is not in the office when you call, we want to have verification information on file so one of our Customer Service staff can assist you.