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Your business operations need to be efficient. Syntrio offers a diverse suite of I.T. products and services to ensure your networked environment runs smoothly and is properly secured. Best of all, we’re local. What other managed I.T. service provider can say that? If you’re in Texas or Oklahoma, give us a call.

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Network Monitoring

After connecting all servers and workstations to our management dashboard, we can remotely monitor and manage all your business devices. We’re automatically alerted to changes and are able to remotely address issues as they arise. The long list of checks we monitor includes:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Data backup jobs
  • Microsoft event logs
  • Windows and application services
  • Patch management (and vetting) to keep operating
    systems up to date

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Backup Recovery

Syntrio will back up your servers offsite nightly and keep 28 days (revisions) available to restore by default. The backup data is stored in a hardened datacenter and encrypted (in a good way) both in transit and at rest.

We back up your Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint data every 4 hours and maintain it for 7 years. (We can also configure permanent archive backup jobs based on your needs that remain available indefinitely at no additional cost.)

And, because employees don’t always remember to back up their workstations, our service backs up all business document file types offsite twice per day.

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Managed Antivirus

EDR, Syntrio’s AI-driven antivirus application of choice, not only prevents ransomware from infecting your network, but it can also roll infected files back to their original state. It looks at the behavior of files to make decisions and is redefining how organizations defend their data.

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Web Protection

Syntrio web protection service combines a definable content filter, a list of known bad websites updated in real time, and a definable internet whitelist/blacklist to help manage internet traffic. It has an agent that runs locally on computers, so it can see the HTTPS (encrypted) internet traffic that a firewall cannot without additional licenses, extensive configuration, and continual management. Considering most internet traffic is encrypted now, this is a critical security layer.

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Application Whitelisting

Let Syntrio create an application whitelist policy consisting of only the specific business applications and executable files you need or want to run on the network. When a new application is needed, it is easy to request approval through a popup message that appears during the attempted installation. We will be notified immediately and can act accordingly.

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Security Operations Center

A wide variety of logs, events, and even raw telemetry data flowing in/out/across your network is monitored by a security operations center that is manned by real humans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking for security-related events like:

  • Breach Detections
  • Cyberterrorist network connections
  • Malicious files
  • Exploits
  • Suspicious activity
  • Logins to your Microsoft 365 accounts

Active and verified malicious activity will be automatically acted upon.

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End-User Security Awareness Training & Phishing Tests

Syntrio’s scheduled online security awareness training will teach your employees what to look for, how to react, what not to click on, etc. and then test them by sending safe (but extremely realistic) phishing email messages to see who clicks and who doesn’t. This up-to-date training is an ongoing process we schedule to fit your needs. It can even be tailored to individual employee positions.

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Help Desk

Syntrio’s team of remote support technicians is ready to take calls and respond to email support tickets as needed throughout the workday. If they cannot fix the issue themselves, they will escalate it to the technician who can. Although this is not necessarily a security service, it does provide a quick way for security issues to be reported.

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Additional Services

Quarterly Network & Cloud Security Scans & Assessments

Independent security scans of the internal network to discover any vulnerabilities or security issues.

Firewall Monitoring

Unmonitored firewall logs and alerts leave a critical cybersecurity hole unfilled.

Managed Multi-Factor Authentication

Let us provide and manage all your MFA and SSO concerns.

Change Detection & Alerting

We will monitor systems, both local and in the cloud, and receive alerts when changes are made, providing critical transparency for ever-growing hybrid business networks.

Commercial Wifi

Offering guests and customers wifi access is becoming an essential service for hotels, restaurants, office buildings and any other company that caters to the public. Your customers want to stay to connected – let Syntrio make you a wifi business! Our fast and reliable wifi service will help keep customers loyal and happy.

  • Simple Onboarding
  • Secure and Guest Network
  • High Bandwidth


SOC 2 Certification



SOC 2 for Service Organizations reports are designed to help service-based organizations build trust and confidence in their services provided as well as the operations & controls related to the services. These reports are reviewed by an independent third party to validate the organization meets the standard of criteria. This standard is based upon the Trust Services Criteria to ensure all services and operations achieve an elite level of security, availability, processing integrity, privacy, and confidentiality for all end users. As our customer’s trusted partner, our team has invested in our SOC2 Certification to demonstrate our dedication to protecting our customer’s data & information.


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